THE WHAT – our Business Roadmap

Words from the CEO


Ulrich Kretzschmar

  • Renewable Energy projects are complex matters and it takes too long to implement when always starting from the bottom line. PeoplesHome has
    developed specific procedures to repeat an adjusted energy scenario in other places with quick success.

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ApproachLand, Feasibility Study, Environmental Impact Survey and Grid Code


ProceduresClient Commitments, Import/Export Handling and Implementation


ContractingContracts, Performance Bonds, Insurances and Guarantees + PRG

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PEOPLESHOME Services cover the entire lifetime of a project and are divided into different business steps. For the realization of projects national content is necessary in order to gain development grants, private investments, specific bank loans or project finance. All financial transactions required in the fulfilment of its commitments and obligations will be conducted through official financial institutions. In this regard, PEOPLESHOME makes available its own facilities, banks and relevant international collaborations to fulfill efficient financial engineering. Download PEOPLESHOME Profile as PDF (1 MB).

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